Dec. 6th, 2015 01:17 pm
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Очень рекомендую свежее отечественное кино про подростковую влюблённость "14+. История первой любви". Очень необычно для российского кино, трогательно, живо, натурально и интересно. Также, как и с Левифаном, удивила поддержка министерства культуры. И особенно, поддержка, бесогномом, долю он там что ли имеет?

Эта запись VKonakte.
Эта запись в лицекнижке.
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Смотрите, какую интересную ГИС исчезающих языков сделало Юнеско.
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The world always changes. Remember, for example, Peter the Great with his attempts to cut through the window to the Europe 3 centuries ago. And remember recent Soviet iron curtain. Now Russia is integrated in the world community as never before. Due to mind inertia, people are to adapt to these changes. And the older people the harder to accept them. I think, it is the main reason why globalization is questioned.

Now in Russia there is a huge quantity of new branches and factories of foreign firms. They creates a lot of new work places. Of course, it is a good trend and I want to add that it is also additional source of tax proceeds. Sure, it makes life more difficult for Russian firms which is not enough competitive. And some of them may close but some may change something to become better.

Also immigrated cheaper working hands, especially illegal immigrants, increase job insecurity and xenophobia rate.

Another side of globalization is drug traffic which has increased a lot last 20 years.

And what concerns culture... I think when different cultures mix something new is born and it is very important that we have ability to access to the arts of many different nations.

Of course, Moscow and St.Petersburg are more integrated in the global world but it seems that province also is on the same way.
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Только что впервые посмотрел кино "Любовь и голуби". До этого только мелкие отрывки видел. Сильное кино. Обожаю такие. Все-таки, советский кинематограф - круче всех. А сколько еще фильмов не посмотрено???

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